Furukawa Electric Power Systems

F-CO Products

Humidity Control MaterialHumidity Control Material

We offer high performance but eco friendly humidity control materials that absorb and release moisture.

Corrosion Prevention MaterialsCorrosion Prevention

We offer corrosion prevention materials that realize excellent corrosion prevention performance without sacrificing ease of installation. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions assuring high reliability.

Siloxane-Free Heat-Transfer MediumSiloxane-Free
Heat-Transfer Medium

These are countermeasure materials against electromagnetic disturbances, which contain neither environmentally-harmful halogen substances and lead nor ozone layer-depleting chlorofluorocarbons.

Electrical Insulation MaterialsElectrical Insulation Materials

We offer electrical insulation materials that are very effective in the termination/connection works of electric wires and cables. They are made of environment-friendly raw materials to make themselves ecological tapes capable of enduring long-term usage.