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Our Purpose & Values

Furukawa Electric Power Systems (FEPS) is a comprehensive manufacturer of electric power equipment that covers entire power transmission and distribution systems. In addition to providing products for safely and reliably delivering electricity to consumers from power plants, FEPS uses our technology and experience to solve user issues.

Corporate goals
FEPS contributes to a safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyle by advancing and strengthening power transmission and distribution systems (including renewable energy), and by developing new technologies and products in infrastructure fields such as disaster prevention, information, and mobility. We also achieve sustainable growth and provide high satisfaction to everyone involved with our company.

Our Purpose & Values

Our History

FEPS was established in October 2012 by the consolidation of the electric components business units of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. and the three companies of Asahi Electric Works Co., Ltd., Inoue Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Furukawa Power Components Inc.

Our origin is Furukawa Electric, a company that has contributed to the development of Japan’s social infrastructure since its founding in 1896. Today, Furukawa Electric operates a wide range of businesses throughout the world. FEPS is a core company in the Furukawa Electric Group’s business field of energy infrastructure.

FEPS celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2022. By utilizing our refined capabilities in technology, quality, manufacturing, and proposals, we will expand our business in fields such as information, disaster prevention, and mobility.

Our History

Our strength

from metal to rubber and resin
Wide range of processing technology

FEPS possesses a wide range of material knowledge and advanced technical capabilities which include casting, aluminum processing, non-ferrous metal processing, rubber and plastic material processing, and rubber resin molding.

All of our technology is at a high level!!
Our strength

Only Japanese manufacturer
that owns real-scale power transmission test line

We have installed a power transmission line with a length of more than 130 meters in a location with strong winds in order to investigate the effects of vibrations and strong winds, collect data, and utilize that data in product development.

Only Japanese manufacturer
Only Japanese manufacturer
Only Japanese manufacturer
Mogami test line (Yamagata Prefecture)

Representative products

  • Loose Spacer Prevents power outages by protecting transmission lines from natural threats such as snow and high winds

    Loose Spacer
  • High-current plug-in connector An essential connector for easy, safe, and fast connection of wires for factory equipment and data centers

    High-current plug-in connector
  • Drykeeper Prevents dew condensation by controlling condensation through repeated moisture absorption and desorption, thereby preventing mistaken operation of machinery and electrical devices.

  • F-CO Tape A long-selling product that is essential for electrical work, this insulating tape has superior adhesive properties

    F-CO Tape

Our sustainability actions

FEPS recognizes the importance of working for a sustainable society by helping to solve social issues while fulfilling our responsibility to society.

In addition to contributing to society through our business and products, FEPS is working on themes such as reducing environmental impact and nurturing the next generation. Our procurement policy states that we will not use any conflict minerals.

People are responsible for building relationships of trust with customers, growing as a company, and contributing to a sustainable society. Therefore, FEPS focuses on human resource development.

Our sustainability actions


Tianjin Furukawa Power Component Co., Ltd.

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Firefighting drills in cooperation with local fire brigade
Safety training


Furukawa Electric Power Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Safety Activities Periodic Meeting
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Firefighting drills

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