Message from the President

Helping customers and solving social issues with technological skills, quality products, and proposals

Kazuya Ono President

Kazuya Ono President

Furukawa Electric Power Systems Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2012 as the only comprehensive manufacturer of electric power equipment in Japan capable of covering the entire power supply network as a single company. It was founded through the merger of Furukawa Electric’s electric components business units and three subsidiaries, namely Asahi Electric Works Co., Ltd. (strengths: power transmission and transformation), Inoue Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (strengths: underground power distribution, metal processing), and Furukawa Power Components Inc. (strengths: overhead power distribution).
While FEPS is now a decade old, the individual companies that constituted it have a long history of manufacturing and technological skills behind them. They originate from Furukawa Electric, a company with a history of over 120 years (founded in 1896) and a number of products with the largest market share in the world.

FEPS, which places the highest priority on safety and quality, has gained the firm trust of our regular customers that support Japan’s power grid. This trust is due not only to the high quality of our products but also to our responsiveness to our customers’ requests.

We own the only research and development base for power line testing facilities, and we have polished our technologies for vibration control (vibration absorption and damping), support, transmission, and connection. FEPS’ unique strength lies in having seven basic techniques (casting, cutting, coating, plastic forming, bending, compression, and welding) as well as high-level human resources who can use them to the fullest.

Outside Japan, we have established production bases in Thailand and China for manufacturing electric power products as well as automobile manufacturing equipment. In product development, we recently developed custom-made loose spacers for North America, which customers received very positively. To solve the challenge of making power grids more resilient, there was demand for loose spacers to suppress galloping due to snow and high winds. We are working to deploy our loose spacers in Europe as well. We also signed an official distributor contract with Ampacimon, a Belgian smart grid company. This contract is expected to enhance the technological skills of both companies. In addition to loose spacers, we are also working on joint research to address needs and find solutions for electric power companies in various countries.

At the same time, we are expanding our businesses outside the field of electric power. Our connectors and Drykeeper (dew condensation prevention sheet) products are being adopted in the Asian region such as in China and Taiwan while our TM sheets (heat conductive sheet) are being adopted by semiconductor manufacturers in various countries. FEPS wants to grow while helping to provide solutions for social issues, and at present we are trying to develop EV-related peripherals and disaster-prevention products as well. Apart from these products, we will also contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through new products and the improvement of existing products that leverage the company’s strengths.

Our corporate philosophy states that, “Based on the principles of fairness and integrity, Furukawa Electric Power Systems strives to realize a peaceful, comfortable and sustainable society through corporate activities which fully utilize the free and creative capabilities of employees.” We will work hard to live up to your expectations, so we hope you will select us as your company of choice.