Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Based on the principles of fairness and integrity, Furukawa Electric Power Systems strives to realize a peaceful, comfortable and sustainable society through corporate activities which fully utilize the free and creative capabilities of employees.

Corporate goals

FEPS contributes to a safe, secure, and comfortable lifestyle by advancing and strengthening power transmission and distribution systems (including renewable energy), and by developing new technologies and products in infrastructure fields such as disaster prevention, information, and mobility. We also achieve sustainable growth and provide high satisfaction to everyone involved with our company.

Code of conduct

  1. (1)  We prioritize safety and health in all corporate activities, and protect employees and related parties from disasters and illnesses.
  2. (2)  We recognize our corporate social responsibility and engage in thorough compliance.
  3. (3)  We engage in dialogue to understand each other, and all employees act with gratitude and trust.
  4. (4)  We work to preserve the global environment by considering climate change when conducting corporate activities.
  5. (5)  We earn trust from our customers as a partner that provides the desired quality.
  6. (6)  We are always conscious of pursuing the essence and taking on the challenge of innovation without being bound by fixed ideas.

Quality management policy

We constantly Achieving the quality expected by our customer.
~Aiming to be “a true partner that customer can rely on”~