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Corrosion Prevention Materials

Wrapco Tube

photo of Wrapco Tube
Wrapco Tube

Wrapco Tube is a heat-shrinkable cross-linked polyethylene tube coated with a special adhesive having a high anti-corrosive effect.

Use Wrapco Tube on pipeline joints that require maximum protection against corrosion.


photo of Wrapco Tube

  • To prevent the joints of gas and oil pipelines from corrosion
  • To protect and waterproof the joints of power and communication cables


  1. Highly resistant to corrosion
    Waterproof and excels in weatherability, chemical resistance, stress-cracking resistance, and bacteria resistance
  2. High reliability
    • Able to be used without any special skill and makes reliable corrosion-resistant laminate
    • Having been used for about 30 years and demonstrates high reliability


General Property (E-50)
Item Unit Property
Outer layer Tensile strength C. D.(Note 1) N/mm2 20 or over
A. D.(Note 2) 17 or over
Elongation C. D. % 250 or over
A. D. 500 or over
AC breakdown strength KV/mm 30 or over
Volume resistivity Ω-cm 1×1014 or over
Water absorption % 0.03 or under
Shrinkage % 40 or over

(Note 1)C. D.:Circumferential directionBack to Main Content

(Note 2)A.D.: Axial directionBack to Main Content

(Note)These are measured values and not guaranteed.

Application parts and products

Application part Product Size code
Straight joint Wrapco Tube E-50 100A - 1000A
Elbow Wrapco Tube E-50 100A - 750A
Flange Wrapco Tube E-75 80A - 600A
Reducer Wrapco Tube E-75 100A - 750A
Tee Wrapco Cover FT, FC Consult us regarding the size.
(Note)This product is inflammable. Please follow the application manual and operation standard.

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