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Functional Materials for Information and Telecommunications

F-CO TM Sheet (Siloxane-Free Heat Conductive Sheet)

F-CO TM Sheet is Siloxane-Free Heat conductive sheet which prevents electric performance failure.

photo of TM Sheet

photo of TM Sheet

photo of TM Sheet

Feature of F-CO TM Sheet


F-CO TM Sheet is high performance Heat conductive sheet made of acrylic rubber or TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer). It's Siloxane-Free and prevents electric performance failure.

Representative Siloxane Contents (GC-MS)
Representative Siloxane Contents (GC-MS)
(Note) Measurements as a result of driving out the natural components.

Environmental friendly

  • F-CO TM Sheet is free from harmful material (halogen, Pb (lead) and chlorofluorocarbon) in accordance with RoHS.

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • F-CO TM Sheet has relatively low VOC emissions, and has low risk of metal corrosion or lens fogging.

Spec of F-CO TM Sheet

(note) Not specified values.

(note) Please see catalogue for detailed spec.Open PDF“Siloxane-Free Heat-Transfer Medium, F-CO TM Sheet” (PDF 1.3MB)

Use of F-CO TM Sheet

General industrial use

High performance printer, Optical equipment, Communication equipment, Display, LED, Server, Storage, etc

Car use

Car navigation, Control equipment, Power unit of EV/HV, Camera, etc

Digital devices use

PC, Digital camera, HDD, TV, Game machine, etc

Size of F-CO TM Sheet

  • Minimum size is 5x5mm, Standard size is 150x230mm, but larger size might be available. Cut and punch are available.

Test method of thermal performance

1. Thermal resistance

Thermal resistance is measured with device as below, for 10 min and 12W heating value.

[Formula] Thermal resistance (℃/W) = (Object temp - Heat sink temp) / Voltage 12V

TM sheet is sandwiched between Heat sink and Object (9.63m2), and tightened equally. After heated for 10min with 12W, temperature of both Heatsink and Object (T1 and T2) are measured. Thermal resistance (R1) is calculated by assigning these temperature into the formula.

Total thermal resistance=thermal contact resistance of Heatsink+ thermal resistance of Sheet +thermal contact resistance of Object

2. Thermal coductivity

Thermal coductivity is measured based on JIS-R2616 with measuring instrument made by KYOTO ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Over 10 mm thickness is needed.

MOQ, Free sample

  • MOQ is 50 sheets (by 150 x 230 mm size sheet). For less quantity, please ask.
  • One free sample sheet is available.


F-CO TM Sheet :

  • Is designed to serve as cooling accessories for general electronics, but not as chill pads for human bodies. (avoid skin contact with a piece of TM Sheet)
  • Is burned out without a threat of poisonous emission, but required to be disposed professional hands.

(Note) Please ask about package style.

(Note) Spec may be changed without notice.

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