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C Tape No.117S

photo of C Tape No.117S
C Tape No.117S

C TAPE No.117S is a self-bonding semi-conductive tape composed of butyl rubber based conductive rubber sheet. It's an environmentally friendly tape which doesn't contain any lead compounds.


To be used in the inner and outer conductive layers of the terminals and joints of rubber or plastic insulated cables.


Item Property Test Conditions
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) 1.9 JIS K 6251 and JIS K 6257
Elongation (%) over 1500
Adhesion Strength (N/19-mm width) 22 Lap shear
Volume Resistivity (Ω-cm) 1.5 × 102 JIS K 6271

(Note)These are measured values and not guaranteed.

Size/Packing unit

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) Packing unit (roll/box)
0.75 19 4.5 100

How to use

  • Clean adequately the surface of the object, wind the tape half-lapped, stretching it lightly to the extent that it closely adheres to the object without getting wrinkled, i.e., its original width is reduced by 6 - 7mm.
  • Because this tape has conductivity, please check the location and usage in advance. The conductivity may decrease depending on the material of the object.
(Note)To improve the product, the specifications may be changed without any notice.

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