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Humidity Control Material


Drykeeper is a moisture absorbing sheet formed from synthetic rubber and a super absorbent polymer. It is halogen-free and environmentally friendly. While traditional moisture absorption products come in pellet or powder form, Drykeeper is a thin sheet covered in a non-woven material that takes up no room and is extremely easy to handle.

Set in a small distribution panel


  • Distribution/control panels
  • Emergency telephones along railway lines
  • Railroad crossing gates
  • Utensil boxes
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Speed limit display panels
  • Mega solar PCS equipment/ connection boxes
  • Other consumer use (closets/shoe racks)


  1. Superior absorption performance
    Absorbs moisture without any saturation, even in high humidity.
  2. Can be used over a long period of time
    Drykeeper continues to dehumidify over a long period of time thanks to its humidity absorption/release function.
  3. Works fine even at sub-zero temperatures
    Drykeeper does not harden, even if absorbed moisture freezes below zero.
  4. Reusable
    If Drykeeper absorbs a lot of moisture and loses some of its ability to absorb moisture, simply sun dry it to return its original moisture absorbing ability.
  5. Easy disposal
    Drykeeper is environmentally friendly and does not include any substances of concern, so it can be disposed of in the regular trash.


Absorbency 0.8g(H2O)/1g (product) 
Conditions: 25°C, 95% RH or higher
Allowable temperature -30℃ to 90℃
Regeneration dehydration temperature 80°C or lower

(Note) Do not use microwave when drying.

Humidity variation when set in a small distribution panel >Humidity variation when set in a small distribution panel

Dimensions/packaged quantity

Product size Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Mass (g) Packaged quantity
A4 size (210×300mm) 2 210 300 160 10 sheets/box
Business card size (50×100mm) 2 50 100 13 100 sheets/box
  • Contact us for information on thin, atypically shaped, or flame resistant types


  • This product shows an effect mre at sealed box
  • Please avoid using Drykeeper at a place where air comes in and out
  • Standard use per 1m3 space is 3 sheets of A4 size (210mm X 300mm)
(Note) Please do not tear the non-woven bag.
(Note) To improve the product, the specifications may be changed without any notice.

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