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Electrical Insulation Materials


photo of VUL-CO Tape

VUL-CO Tape is a mechanical protection and waterproof tape for cables, and composed of a vulcanized rubber sheet coated one side with self-bonding adhesive. VUL-CO tape protects insulation tape from water and prevents dielectric breakdown.

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  • To protect insulation tape lapped on the connection of electric cables and wires
  • To repair cracks of sheath material of electric cables and wires
  • To protect insulation tape lapped on the insulation cover and clamp cover from water and so on

(Note)This tape is for protection and waterproof and cannot be used for insulation.


fig of VUL-CO Tape


Item Property
Tensile strength
Normal 6 or over
After heat aging 6 or over
Elongation % Normal 300 or over
After heat aging 250 or over
Volume resistivity
1×1012 or over
AC breakdown strength
10 or over
Water resistance Excellent
Shear adhesive strength
15 or over
Ozone resistance Excellent

(Note)These are measured values and not guaranteed.

Size/Packing unit

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) Packing unit (roll)
1.0 20 10 60
40 30

How to use

  • While peeling off the separator, wind the tape half-lapped, with the adhesive side inside, stretching it evenly to the extent that its original width is reduced to about 20%.
  • Do not stretch the tape too much.
(Note)To improve the product, the specifications may be changed without any notice.

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