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Electrical Insulation Materials

F-CO Tape No.1

photo of F-CO Tape No.1
F-CO Tape No.1

F-CO Tape No.1 is a self-bonding insulating tape for fillingup cable joints and terminals.

The tape is composed of a butyl rubber base compound and has separator.

This tape is used in combination with F-CO Tape No.2.

(Note)Be sure to wrap F-CO Tape No.2 on it to ensure the insulating property.


It is used as a filler for the part of an object requiring insulation where it would be difficult to use F-CO Tape No.2.


  1. Perfect self-bonding
    Adhere perfectly to the adhesion layer of F-CO Tape No.2
  2. Ideal hardness for filling
    Able to be shaped with fingers and easy to fill


Item Property
Tensile strength
Normal 0.2 or over
After heat aging 0.2 or over
Elongation % Normal 400 or over
After heat aging 400 or over
Volume resistivity
1×1015 or over
AC breakdown strength
30 or over
Self-bonding Excellent
Ozone resistance Excellent
Penetration(JIS K 2207) 40 or over

(Note)These are measured values and not guaranteed.

Size/Packing unit

Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(m) Packing unit(rolls)
1.0 20 5 100

How to use

  • Clean the surface of the object to be wrapped. While peeling off the separator, wind the tape half-lapped, and stretching it evenly to the extent that its width decreases by 1-2 mm for 20mm tape.
  • In case of filling, shape the tape appropriately before application and apply it carefully and tightly. In cold season, warm up the tape (+5°C+30°C) before application.
(Note)To improve the product, the specifications may be changed without any notice.

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